Which one is the toughest footrace on the planet?

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    1. Digby ellis-brecknell
      27/05/2015 @ 17:34

      170 km, 13000 metres positive gain. Nonstop. Average height over 1900m. Mainly technical mountain single-track or no track.


      • istoady
        01/06/2015 @ 16:11

        Thanks for your point. Definitely will be added there this week 😉


    2. Dave Annandale
      28/05/2015 @ 14:25

      Mohamad Ahansal winner of the MDS on multiple occasions described the Fire and Ice ultra as harder than the MDS

      250km in 6 days starting in the centre of Iceland,


      • istoady
        01/06/2015 @ 16:12

        Dave, thanks for your recommendation. Yes, you are right. Will be added this week.


    3. Michael Grivers
      28/05/2015 @ 15:35

      What about the iditarod footrace? 1100miles from Anchorage to Nome in arctic conditions? Pretty disappointed you have the Mds up there – it’s a long walk in the park!


      • istoady
        01/06/2015 @ 16:15

        Hi Michael, that is the whole point of this voting to find the right one. Thanks for your suggestion! Will be added there this week. In regards to MdS – that is exactly what people need to decide. If we made our decision based on our opinions, what would be the point of this voting? 🙂


    4. gary
      28/05/2015 @ 19:21

      Not sure how you came up with your list but you missed a sure contender. Yukon Arctic Ultra follows the quest trail for a marathon, 100, 330 or 530 event in the extreme cold of Yukon in February.


      • [!v@n]
        01/06/2015 @ 16:18

        Gary, great suggestion, thanks! We went over the recent articles describing “the toughest footraces” and selected those. However, we hoped to get exactly this kind of feedback to adjust our selection. The race will be added there this week. Thank you.


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